Our Art

One of Jessica’s signature pieces that showcases her vibrant and playful outwardly style. The desert kangaroo frolicking in summer blooms that were brought to life by the “big wet”. The Australian Outback may not see rain, sometimes for years, but when it does rain, it’s a deluge which fills the creeks, rivers and catchments very quickly, bringing to life the flora and fauna.

Kangaroo in Summer Flowers
Artist : Jessica Skeen-McKinnon (Muralappi)

Coming Home
Artist : Jessica Skeen-McKinnon (Muralappi)

The earthy tones in this piece reflect Jessica’s deep sense of family and The Land. We all go “walkabout”, crossing rivers and oceans, spreading our wings to see what’s out there but at the end of the day, we always journey home to our tribe.

Nathans deep connection to The Land is illustrated in this piece. The yellows and ochres are representative of Pine Creek in the Northern Territory where Nathans Wagiman clan are the traditional land owners. Water is the basic source of life and its natural streams of flowing rivers sustains all forms of life.

River of Life
Artist : Nathan Patterson (Diwana Dreaming)

Tree Bark Textures
Artist : Tanya DeBono (Yakinno)

Tanya’s unique art form of pen sketches is manifested in this piece which appear as layers of intricate designs, almost abstract in its representation. In reality, this is how Tanya characterizes textures of tree barks native to South Western Victoria, Australia.