The All Natural Shoulder and Cross Body Bags

If blending style, fashion, colours, utility AND the environment is your thing then look no further !

Making a fashion statement about looks is great but also making it about caring for our Earth is incredibly rewarding ! The good news is that you will turn heads with our collection anyway !

Our range of shoulder bags, cross body bags and totes are all individually hand crafted and hand painted using all natural materials with great attention to detail using quality fittings and made to last.

Theres a bag for everyone ! The working person, the student, the shopper, the beachcomber, the vacationer, the party person…….the list goes on !

Theres the daily use classy larger bags that can carry a bunch of stuff including laptops, wallets, smartphones, books and other personal items. If shopping is your thing then these bags can hold more than just a couple of impulse purchases.

Then there are the stylish medium and smaller bags with room for all your essential personal items ideal for the day out with friends, for travelling or for an intimate date.

Cotton canvas tote bags round off the extensive collection with amazing colours and styles.
Reminder : Heads will turn !
Here’s the best thing of all. These bags and totes are really easy to clean.

All you have to do is spot clean your bag rather than washing the whole thing using a soft-bristle toothbrush with mild detergent to remove any stains. The cotton totes can be hand washed, though.
So come in and browse the collection and decide which styles suit YOU!!

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