Indigenous Art Code

We thought we would share with you a bit more about what exactly the Indigenous Art Code represents.

All too often, genuine Australian Indigenous art has been unscrupulously copied and represented on mass produced merchandise without the permission of the artists and without royalties being paid to them – all in the name of quick profits.

The Code was originally developed by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) and then by the Australia Council for the Arts who came together with the Alliance Group whose membership included Indigenous Artists, Art Centres, Galleries, etc.

The custodians of the Code describe it as “A system to preserve and promote ethical trading in Indigenous art.” A formal Code and constitution were finalised in August 2009 and a new public company, Indigenous Art Code was established to administer the code. Membership opened towards late 2010.

The Australian Government recognises the Code by providing financial and administrative support to implement it.

Today, the Code ensures that members, especially artists are protected from unscrupulous businesses that wilfully exploit these artists for profit.

We are proud to be associated with the Indigenous Art Code as a member who strongly supports their constitution and abides by it in ensuring we look after our artists.

Every time you purchase an item from the Great Australian Store, you can be sure that the spirit of the Codes constitution is alive and well and that your purchase directly helps our Artists and their families improve their lives.

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