Caring for Our Community

At Great Australian Store, the phrases “Business as Usual” or “Profits before People” have no place in the way we operate and indeed in the way we live.

We always start the day with being grateful for what we have and thinking about how we can improve the lives of the people that we are connected with – artists, artisans, our customers, our suppliers, our team and even our wonderful group of transportation service providers.

We are profoundly grateful to all these amazing individuals who come together harmoniously to create an environment that not only leads to business success but most importantly makes possible the elements of sustainability and longevity as it relates to all these talented and hard working people.

These people form an extended part of our family and we make every effort to ensure they are looked after.

With your purchase, we hope you can take a leaf out of this book and begin with sparing a thought or even a small deed for those less fortunate than us. It could be quite simply, offering your seat on the bus to an elderly person or reaching for an item on the top shelf of a supermarket to help a visibly struggling mother with children.

Let the item you purchased from the Great Australian Store remind you that kindness and generosity towards those around you is free of charge and there to be shared at every opportunity.

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